Untherapy Academy
Untherapy Academy

A Community for Open-Hearted Individuals

on the Self-Discovery Journey of Living an Inspired Life

Welcome to Untherapy!

Our Mission

To cultivate a community of open-hearted individuals on a self-discovery journey who are seeking to live meaningful, inspired, and bliss filled lives. Through learning the skills of self-awareness and self-trust in a safe and supportive group, we discover the power of being the hero of our own journey.

Following your bliss is not self-indulgent, but vital; your whole physical system knows that this is the way to be alive in this world and the way to give to the world the very best that you have to offer. There IS a track just waiting for each of us and once on it, doors will open that were not open before and would not open for anyone else.

~Joseph Campbell

The Untherapy Academy is not your run of the mill, "follow our proven formula" self improvement community. It is based on Untherapy, a dynamic emotional healing system that takes a whimsical approach to personal growth, incorporating metaphor, spirituality, and the Hero's Journey. 

Being a student in the Untherapy Academy means you get to actively participate in the creation of this exciting and supportive community. We never tire of exploring, adventuring, discovering, and connecting. If you are anything like us, we’re pretty sure you’re going to feel the same way. Life really is one big adventure! 

The more you show up and engage in the activities and discussions, the more you add to the value we all experience together. And because we are all living our own unique adventures (aka, life), we never run out of content with which to discover more truths about ourselves.